12” TuffStand Plastic Pipe Stand | DuraPlas TuffStand

12" TuffStand


The DuraPlas 12″ TuffStand is designed to be the strongest, safest, and most durable 12″ pipe stand in the oil and gas industry. Utilizing a wide square base and angled side walls, the 12″ TuffStand can withstand the extreme conditions of any pipeline job using 2-12″ pipe. When developing this pipe stand, our goal was to create the absolute best product that provides the safety and efficiency the industry deserves. By replacing a pile of wood skids with the 12″ TuffStand, you are able to increase job efficiency and cut down on the labor costs associated with hauling and moving wood skids. And while wood skids are heavy and often cracked, wet, and rotten, our 12″ TuffStand weighs just 28.5lbs and is made with a high-density polyethylene resin. Make the switch and start using the 12″ TuffStand today!

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