24" TuffStand


The most requested TuffStand is finally here! Introducing the DuraPlas 24” TuffStand! The new 24” TuffStand is capable of handling up to 24” pipe diameters and has set the bar as the new industry standard.

As the only pipe stand in the industry manufactured with Super-Tough Nylon Resin, the 24” TuffStand supported over 75,000 lbs in a controlled testing facility! The first-of-its-kind design and top grade Super-Tough Nylon allow our 24″ TuffStand to carry a workload 3X more than any other plastic 24″ stand.

With the 24” TuffStand, you can tackle larger pipe projects while saving money on freight, labor, and time.

Patent Pending

Technical Specifications
ModelBaseTopSaddleWeightStands / Pallets
TS24-ST BK40″ Diameter29″ x 19″4.25″ Deep33.5 lbs12


As DuraPlas, Inc continues to innovate and engineer solutions for the oil and gas industry, we tested many different and unique designs while developing the 24” TuffStand. Our (patent pending) pipe saddle design is unlike any other. The rectangular columns on both sides of the saddle disperse the stress of the load evenly across the part instead of only down the center of the saddle (as seen in other pipe stands on the market). Many failures of larger pipe stands occur when the base digs into the ground and begins to curl up under pressure. Adding our signature outer lip and ribs, the base is held down in uneven terrain. The round base is 40” in diameter, creating a large footprint, and the pipe sits 19” off the ground when placed in the saddle.


100% Nylon construction – an industry first! Our 24” TuffStand is the first pipe stand available manufactured out of Nylon. Our Super-Tough Nylon is superior to plastic and will resist the most rugged environments and harshest conditions: abrasion, high impacts, and heavy workloads. Nylon is often used in production of automotive parts, electronics, and other industrial equipment where a high melting point enables it to withstand extreme working temperatures. We have added a black UV inhibitor to ensure the 24″ TuffStand holds up under the harshest environmental conditions.


How tough are our TuffStands? The job of a pipe stand is to withstand the weight of pipe for extended periods of time. A typical 80 foot pipe joint of 24″ heavy wall weighs just under 11,000 lbs. In a controlled laboratory setting, the 24″ TuffStand was able to withstand loads over 75,000 lbs… that’s more weight than a D6 Bulldozer! Be confident that our Nylon 24″ TuffStand can handle any job the comes it’s way!


TuffStands alleviate the potential safety risks associated with moving heavy, rotten or cracked wood skids. Weighing only 33.5 lbs, our TuffStands cut the workload to handle traditional pipe supports in half, all while preventing injuries associated with hauling, moving, and shifting of skids that happen during construction.


With handles on both sides and only weighing 33.5 lbs, handling and moving the 24” TuffStand is much easier and efficient than traditional wood skids. Like the 12” TuffStand, these stands are stackable to save space while storing and transportation out to the right-of-way. When not in use, it is recommended to cover with a tarp to prevent sun damage and extend product life. Using the 24” TuffStand over wood skids on large projects will ultimately eliminate high labor and freight costs while saving time. Give us a call to see how much you can save by switching to the DuraPlas 24” TuffStand!

24″ TUFFSTAND Instructions

Load Limit: 10,500 lbs

Although our 24” TuffStand was lab tested and held over 75,000 lbs, the stands should never be overloaded. There are many factors involved on the job site that cannot be replicated in a controlled testing environment.

*The 24″ TuffStand product is only rated for up to 10,500 lbs

Suggested Spacing: Up to 40 Linear Feet

The  24″ TuffStand was designed and tested to handle “quad” lengths which are +/-  80 linear feet, however, we still suggest a maximum of 40′ between spacings for overall safety

Use Only on Level Surfaces or Place 2 Wood Skids Underneath Pipe Stand

When working on uneven ground, the chances of the stand tipping over increases. Level the right-of-way or place the stand on 2 evenly spaced wood skids.

*Suggested: skids run perpendicular to the pipe

Double up the TuffStands when Hydrotesting

When hydrotesting, the water adds much more weight to the product. Hydrotesting is not recommended on the stands but in the event, it needs to be done for bore sections, etc. It is necessary to utilize a 20 linear foot spacing.

Place Skids/Crotch Every 7 to 10 TuffStands

It is recommended to place a crotch every 7-10 stands to ensure the line does not tip over during handling / construction or in expansion / contraction that occurs with temperature changes.

On a Hill or Overbend, Use Two (2) TuffStands

When placing a stand on top of an overbend/hill, the weight and force of the pipe is doubled. Disperse the weight by placing 2 stands on either side of the top of the hill.

Do Not Stack TuffStands to Gain Elevation

In order to gain elevation, place a few skids underneath and/or build a flat “platform” for a single stand to sit on top. When adding the weight of the pipe to a stack of stands, the stands will nest very tightly and will be difficult to separate.

Cover/Tarp When Not in Use

Although our stands have UV protection, it is recommended to further protect the stands from sun damage which can cause the plastic to breakdown and weaken over time. To get the most out of our TuffStands, cover them when not in use.

Replace Product if any Physical Defects are Present Such as Cracking or Discoloration

These stands are designed to absorb the weight of the pipe and give under an extreme load rather than crack. After the weight is removed, the pipe stand should regain its normal shape. Stands should be replaced if there is visible discoloration or cracking.

***Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injuries or damages to the TuffStands.

24″ TUFFSTAND Engineering

DuraPlas, Inc. employed a team of independent engineers to determine the load bearing capability of our 24” TuffStand. At an offsite testing facility, the 24” TuffStand was put through a variety of tests. See all the tests performed and the 24” TuffStand results below! For the full engineering report, CLICK HERE!

TEST 1: TUFFSTAND on Flat Surface

Test 1: Flat Surface
 # Ultimate Load (lbf)
 1 76,449
This was our control test performed on the flat base of the hydraulic press.

TEST 2: TUFFSTAND on Two Wooden Skids Perpendicular to Pipe

Test 2: Transverse Dunnage
 # Ultimate Load (lbf)
 1 72,721
Two wood skids (4”X6”) were placed under the stand perpendicular to the pipe fixture.

TEST 3: TUFFSTAND on Two Wooden Skids Parallel to Pipe

Test 3: Longitudinal Dunnage
 # Ultimate Load (lbf)
 1 46,877
Two wood skids (4”X6”) were placed under the stand parallel with the pipe fixture.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to place any skids underneath the stands, they should run transverse (perpendicular) to the pipe. The stand is more susceptible to damage when skids are placed parrallel to the pipe, and/or on an uneven surface.


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24”TuffStand Instruction Guide (English)


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24”TuffStand Engineering Report

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